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  •  Factory direct price.
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Promotional Swivle USB Flash Drive

affordable usb-stick 1 gb up to 32 gb - 
robust, small, without cap

our key is an absolutely low-priced usb-stick with up to 32 gb memory capacity, with alloyed metal holder. engraving is possible as well as printing. popular memory capacities are on stock and can be delivered within a short period of time (please ask for details of what we have in stock). mail us your vectorized logo and you will receive a logo-montage, free of charge.

all advantages in an overview:

  • affordable usb-stick 1 gb up to 32 gb, very popular
  • robust usb-stick with metal loop
  • available in many colours
  • special colours are possible
  • engraving or printing are possible
  • model without cap, flexible - the metal holder with the advertsing can be changed


Swivel usb flash drive packaging options: 


other packaging can be found under the button packaging (please click on it)
standard packaging: poly bag

usb-sticks are prefect to launch new products, to be used as press distributors, for software projects, a giveaway to thank or motivate employees and customers (to ensure customer loyalty), for trainings, training courses, activities, all kinds of events. the catholic church, too, is using them selectively and stategically. please find out details about your desired quantity with our inquiry form. shortly after, you will receive an up-to-date offer in the line of the market, with block pricing for different memory capacities. online price-calculations are not very helpful, due to daily prices.


by the way: we have more than 5000 versions of usb-sticks in our assortment - if they are listed by colours, memory capacities and designs! regarding the field of promotional products, this puts us near the top europewide.

usb-stick 1 gb up to 32 gb, affordable and robust? key!

this usb-stick, 1 gb up to 32 gb, is an excellent choice if you prefer to attach a lanyard or neck strap to it. its solid loop is integrated firmly into the holder. this small stick is perfect for engravings, printing is also possible.

the basic colours of this usb-stick are black, red, blue, green, orange, white and yellow. other colours on request, please see below. usually, popular memory sizes can be delivered fast. an led-light is installed in the rubberized plastic part of this small usb-sticks and lights up whenever the usb-stick is in use.

similar usb-stick model with key-ring: >> usb-stick swing

references: customers from the bank of scotland to the dresdner bank, from bmw to smart, from telekom, german post to catholic church cant be wrong... :-). find out more in our gallery!

services around usb-sticks

we offer various services around usb-sticks:

data installation, memory partioning, file autostart, individual packaging...

with your photos, we will create small, individual films and also install them. take a look.
you would like to have a banderole around a box with window? no problem.
you would like to include a small flyer or card into the box with magnetic flap-lid closure?
you would like to have the packaging and/or tin box printed?
you would like to have the packaging in your desired colour? (minimum: 500 pieces)
you would like to order the usb-sticks in your desired colour?
we will attach a four-coloured picture with your message on the inside of the lid.

we are specialised in this all-around service. as a former advertising agency (1992 until 2006), we are used to think customer-oriented. please contact us directly!

usb-sticks in your desired colour (dyed according to pantone-specifications):

now, the usb-stick key is available in "your" desired colour according to pantone specifications. before, this was only possible for a minimum order quantity of 1000 pieces.

for 1,000 pieces and more: still without extra costs
for smaller quantities, we will add the following extra costs for colouring:

for 100 pieces and more + 1.50 euros per piece
for 250 pieces and more + 0.60 euros per piece
for 500 pieces and more + 0.35 euros per piece
for 1,000 pieces and more without extra costs

  • engraved or printed advertising
  • packaging options
  • data installation
  • short video clip/presentation creation
  • lanyards

advertising options: engraving (recommendation); printing is also possible.
advertising area: 24.5 x 13.5 mm, possible on both sides.
delivery time: approx. 1-2 weeks
minimum order quantity: 50 pieces (plus additional charge)


1 gb - 32 gb


usb 1.1, usb 2.0


56 x 19 x 9 mm


14.5 g


metal part is silver-coloured, body in black, blue, red, white, orange, green, yellow
desired colours on request

power supply:

via usb interface - no battery needed




1 year

delivery includes:

special features:

ce and fcc approved
our production sites are iso9000 approved

  • 10,000 write- and read-cycles
    (mlc - multi-level-cell-nand-flash-chips)
  • very robust, data can be stored for a long time
  • faster chip-solution (slc - single-level-cell-chips) possible for precise requests and for an extra charge (maybe larger minimum quantities)

supported operating systems:

windows me, windows 2000, windows xp, vista, 
windows 7,

linux beginning with v2.4.2, mac beginning with os 10.0

if you‘re considering buying Branded USB flash drives then its worth giving some thought to how you want to present these to your customers/clients. For many the standard "poly bags" that they come in are fine because they make it easy to distribute them. For others its not just about how good the branded memory stick looks but more about the overall impact they make when they are handed out. If you really want to up the anti then you should consider a presentation box/tin and even think about getting these branded.
Increasingly printed USB flash drives are central to more sophisticated DM campaign packs and in this scenario it‘s critical that the flash drive and the packaging dovetail seamlessly into the overall pack.
At Flason we offer a wide range of packaging solutions that range from our FREE standard gift box to the more expensive metal tins with a "viewing window". We can also supply bespoke packaging solutions all fully printed to compliment your USB flash drives.

imprint: yes
engraving: yes
embossing: no
art work: vectorized as .ai or .eps (illustrator, freehand, corel), letters have to be converted to vector graphics or paths. you will receive a free of charge logo-montage for release.